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The Programs

Suchart Sawasdsri: Personal Histories

  • Thailand / 2006 / 94 min
  • Original Title : Suchart Sawasdsri: Personal Histories
  • Director : Suchart Sawasdsri


The Kingdom of the Shadows (10 min.)Original Title: อาณาจักรแห่งเงาSynopsisNo synopsis 2. In the Light of Love (7 min.)Original Title: ห้องเส่นหาSynopsisA man and a woman in a room lit by candles. 3. Dancing Moon (5 min.)Original Title: สเริงระบำดำรูSynopsisA drawing of the moon on digital camera set to jazz music. 4. Secret Garden (4 min.)Original Title: ความลับในสวนศรีSynopsisIn the garden of ambiguity. 5. After the Rain Fall (4 min.)Original Title: ฝนคำโปรยSynopsisThe backyard after the rain 6. The Long Silence (9 min.)Original Title: กัลปาวสานSynopsisDeath is a long silence. 7. Journey to the End of the Night (6 min.)Original Title: ข้างในกับข้างนอกSynopsisJourney from inside to outside. 8. Body Gatherer (2 min.)Original Title: ผู้แคะเนื้อออกจากเหล็กSynopsisThe song of the body gatherer. 9. Midsummer Nightmare : Thai-American Movies ( 3 min.)Original Title: ฝันร้ายในคืนฤดูร้อนSynopsisTo his majesty the King, I was shot 10. Don’t Even Think About It (15 min.)Original Title: ไม่มีอะไรให้ดูSynopsisA music video on Thai political history. 11. « Red » At Last (6 min.)Original Title: มนัส เศียรสิงห์SynopsisThe last minute of a strange plant and the death of Daeng. 12. Song of Joy (5 min.)Original Title: บทเพลงแห่งความรื่นรมย์SynopsisImagination of a young girl with King Kong on a rainy day. 13. The Giving Tree (10 min.)Original Title: แม่ไม้SynopsisThe precious giving tree. 14. To Everything there is a Season (8 min.)Original Title: บนเส้นทางขนานคู่SynopsisDo you see my sadness or is it the season that’s changed ? Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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