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The Best of British Animation Awards 3

  • UK / 92 min / Colour
  • Original Title : The Best of British Animation Awards 3


  NoveltyDirector: Leigh Hodginkson2001 / 7:00minSynopsis:Jessica remembers a time when she spent her days in a colorful world with her two imaginary friends. Their friendship inevitably changes as her interest begins to drift elsewhere.MetalstasisDirector: Matthew Hood2001 / 6minSynopsis:A mechanical man finds his life disturbed by illness from an unusual source.The Lucky DipDirector: Emily Skinner2001 / 3minSynopsis:A little girl’s adventure in a seaside town. Magic and stormy weather help her on her way.Intolerance  Director: Phil Mulloy1998 / 10min Synopsis:If you think the zogs look ugly, you should see the way they live. Disgraceful!Rockin’ & Rollin’Directors: Richard Jack & Daniel Greaves 2001 / 5minSynopsis:A candid look at the loser’s bench. Warning! It's got balls.Daddy Director: Stephen Cavalier 2001 / 3:00Synopsis:A story of a small-town corruption, adultery and aliens in 1960s USA, ‘Daddy’ creates a twisted gothic rendition of the American dream.Home Road MoviesDirector: Robert Bradbrook2001 / 11minSynopsis:The real-life story of a shy and awkward father who desperately wanted the family car to make him a better parent.Plain PleasuresDirector: Sarah Cox2001 / 8minSynopsis:Set in a 1930s diner, an awkward date between a reserved widow and a city bachelor gets off to a bad start.Q4. Music.comDirector: Sam Morris2000 / 0:40min No SynopsisTennents: PintlingsDirectors: Darren Walsh2001 No SynopsisAero: KioskDirector: Alyson Hamilton2001 No SynopsisHot SpotDirector: Mark Brierley2000 / 3minNo SynopsisFather and DaughterDirector: Michael Dudok de Wit2001 / 9minSynopsis:A father says goodbye to his young daughter andn leaves. She awaits his return for days, seasons, years…Mr Grimby’s Video DiaryDirector: Neil Jack2001 / 15minSynopsis:Two unemployed animation puppets are trying to work their way back into the limelight. The question is: does the industry need them? Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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