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The Programs

The Best of British Animation Awards 1

  • UK / 92 min / Colour
  • Original Title : The Best of British Animation Awards 1


Gourmand 1998 / 6minDirector: Andrew Higgins Synopsis:A hungry man arrives to eat well at a top restaurant. The cuisine, though, is in particularly high demand. The Little Princess’ Birthday Party Director: Jim Lefevre 1997 / 5:30minSynopsis:Once upon a time… How does a story go? Bird Becomes Bird Director: Lucy Lee 1998 / 6minSynopsis:A little girl is captured by a bird on the cracking ice. 3 Ways To Go Director: Sarah Cox 1998 / 4:16minSynopsis:About the last moments of three lives. A range of filmic techniques are employed to illustrate each situation. Staggerings Director: Peter Collis1998 / 6minSynopsis:As a slow, relentless state of transformation persists across the screen, elements of natural world are cut up and re-ordered, using a mix of traditional photography and filmmaking and new computer technologies.Swag Director: Daniel Edwards2001 / 4minSynopsis:A bank robbery goes wrong…Death And The Mother Director: Ruth Lingford1998 / 11minSynopsis:A sick child is taken by death. The mother follows and overcomes obstacles and ordeals to win back her child. But the greates test for her love is still to come.StanleyDirector: Suzie Templeton2000 / 7minSynopsis:While his wife wreaks violence and death in the kitchen, Stanley finds life and love in a beautiful cabbage he is growing in his back yard.Unison: Ant Director: Jerry Hibbert1996 No SynopsisBrisk: Rocky Director: Ken LidsterNo SynopsisDairylea Dunkers: Dino Time Directors: Ray Harryhausen & Mark Nunnally No SynopsisFisherman’s Friend: Contraption Director: Stephen Weston 1998 / 0:30minNo SynopsisFlatworld Director: Daniel Greaves1998 / 30minSynopsis:A visually stunning, humorous and exciting animated adventure featuring Matt Phlatt, his fat cat Geoff, and Chips the fish. When flatworld collides with flipside, Matt must save the day. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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