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Rosalie Goes Shopping

  • USA, Germany / 1989 / 94 min / Colour
  • Original Title : Rosalie Goes Shopping
  • Language : German, English
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Director : Percy Adlon
  • Screenwriter : Percy Adlon, Eleonore Adlon, Christopher Doherty
  • Cinematographer : Bernd Heinl
  • Editor : Jean Claude Piroue
  • Cast : Marianne Sagebrecht, Brad Davis, Judge Reinhold, Erika Blumberger


Marianne Sagebrecht, Junoesque heroine of Sugarbaby and Bagdad Cafe, returns as a GI wife and mother, Rosalie, now settled down in Stuttgart, Arkansas, who keeps her family afloat financially - by check and credit card fraud. Creditors send her so many notices that even the mailman is impressed. But as well as Rosalie manipulates the financial system of Stuttgart, she’s falling behind, until her great revelation comes. One day she discovers that if she owes the bank $100,000, the bank wants its money, but if she owes the bank $1 million, the bank is scared of her. That’s all she needs to know: she buys herself a home computer, hooks herself up with local industry and makes it into the financial big league. Adlon pokes fun at merchandise-mad America here with lighthearted cultural condescension. He goes for the underbelly where mind-numbing hypocrisies and bizarre contradictions lurk among eccentric people. But Rosalie, who starts out as a victim of American consumer society, ends up beating the system to a pulp as a computer hacker and con woman extraordinaire. “Rosalie is simply trying her best to understand, practice and master the American way,” says Adlon.

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