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The Programs

Jerusalem: The East Side Story

  • Palestine / 2007 / 57min / Colour
  • Original Title : Jerusalem: The East Side Story
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Director : Mohammed Alatar
  • Screenwriter : Mohammed Alatar, Jasmine Higazi, Susan Lourenco, Yana Zayed
  • Cinematographer : Adel AbdulQader


A historical journey from 1948 to the present day exposing Israeli policies towards the city and its inhabitants. It also touches on the future of the city given that it remains a key factor in any future peace negotiations. Without Jerusalem there is no peace for either Israel or Palestine. Includes interviews with Palestinian and Israeli leaders, human rights activists and political analysts. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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