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The Programs

Guts Short Programme 2

  • Various / 107min / Colour, B&W
  • Original Title : Guts Short Programme 2


  Block BMalaysia / 2008 / 20 min / 35 mm / Colour Director: Chris Chong Chan Fui A building becomes a living painting. The concrete homes and contradicting soundscapes frame the lives of an expatriate community. Destination FinaleGermany / 2008 / 9min / Beta SP / Colour Director: Philip Widmann A man travels Europe. Shortly thereafter, American troops enter the ground war in Vietnam. Destination Finale is an original 8mm amateur film, shot in 1964, found in Saigon in 2005 and edited by Widmann with a sense of drama. Four SeasonsGermany / 2009 / 12min / miniDV / Colour Director: Keren Cytter Four Seasons opens with a neo-noir celebration of late-Hitchcock-meets-1980s-kitsch: a record plays dramatic music by Ferrante & Teicher; thick fake blood drips onto white tiles; snow whirls through the apartment and a lone woman climbs a dark, smoky staircase. Artist Lucy Stein plays the female lead as a wayward Hollywood beauty, clothed in a leopard print dress, teamed with a pink jumper, red lips pouting nonchalantly. ‘Excuse me, my name is Lucy, I’m living next door, second floor. I wanted to complain about the music, its stopped now but …’. Lucy is confronted by a tall naked man, rising out of the bath as bubbles float across his upper thighs. Softcore porn enthusiasts might feel momentarily at home as this scene unfolds, but rather than a fast-track to the act of love, confused, the man starts calling for a woman named Stella.As the film unravels, conflicting narratives are revealed, switching between the stories of Stella, a tragic tale of heart-break and domestic murder, echoing Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire (1947), and Lucy. A voice-over describes the building using its architectural elements as metaphors for human behaviour. Climaxing with a series of spontaneously combusting objects – birthday cake, Christmas tree, record player – Four Seasons is a homage to all that is fake, showcasing visual clichés, lo-fi special effects and deadpan delivery. Time Within TimeNetherland / 2009 / 20min / 35mm / Colour Director: Menno Otten A documentary in which the filmmakers search for forgotten moments. Moments in which we come to a halt in the hectic of everyday life and in which we have to surrender ourselves to time. Moments in which we seem to forget the world around us and slowly ascend in our sub consciousness. The Devil's StreamsGermany / 2008 / 10min / miniDV / Colour Director: Keren Cytter The Devil's Streams is based on a story by Julio Cortazar. A man takes a photo in a park and finds out why the image intrigues him so much: the photo is more intense than his own life. After this, a refined philosophical story develops about a man and a woman in a house, a kitchen and the park we saw previously on the photograph, in which fiction and fact repeatedly swap positions until the distinction between the two of them no longer seems important. LoopLoopCanada / 2008 / 5min / minDV / Colour Director: Patrick Bergeron Using animation, sounds warping and time shifts this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind. The Los Angeles RiverUSA, Germany / 2009 / 6min / DVD / Colour Director: Mario Pfeifer Trailer for The Los Angeles River. Reconsidering “The New Industrial Parks Near Irvine, California” By Lewis Baltz, 1974USA / 2009 / 13min / DVD / B&W Director: Mario Pfeifer »Reconsidering The new Industrial Parks near Irvine, California by Lewis Baltz, 1974« revisits one of the industrial structures Lewis Baltz documented in his historic "New Topographics" from the outside and depicts the interior setting of a metal workshop with an eleven minute tracking shot. During this time, the 1974 book version has been reconsidered from back to front, each turning page a montage within the continuous 16mm black and white footage. An interview with J.R. Billington, a company owner in this building for nineteen years, discusses the socio-economical situation in military manufacturing in Orange County in the 1980's and today. Untitled [>>Two Guys<<] Germany / 2008 / 8min / DVD / Colour Director: Mario Pfeifer Untitled [>>Two Guys<<] is Captures and deconstructs the functioning of (sub)cultural codes in a "globalized society" and the mechanisms of image-production and reproduction. Yet Untitled [>>Pieces Of Nature<<] Germany / 2008 / 12min / DVD / Colour Director: Mario Pfeifer Pieces of Nature describes both performance and studio filmproduction. Situated in a loose, self-reflexive narrative poised between the traditions of structural film, dance and theater, the carefully-choreographed film follows actors in what appears to be a casting process. Breathing, moving, and literally constructing the film before our eyes, crew members and the director himself are also revealed as actors, literally mirroring a photograph by Jeff Wall's famed photograph "Picture for a woman" [1979]. Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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