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The Programs

Shanghype condensed!

  • China / 50min / Colour
  • Original Title : Shanghype condensed!


  Shanghype!, organized on the occasion of the art fair Artissima 2007, consisted of a selection of short movies and video art that testified to the development of Shanghai, a sort of celebration and exploration of the city by local and international artists. The screening was held in the Museum of Cinema in Turin, Italy. After that, Shanghype! traveled to Prague, where the works were shown at Futura Centre of Contemporary Art, and, finally, back to Shanghai when it was shown in the Creative Center of Bund18, on the waterfront/the Bund area, with the mirrored past facing the glittering new development of Pudong. For this latest edition of Shanghype! in the occasion of the World Film Festival of Bangkok , a condensed version is put in place with artists who participated to the activities and productions of BizArt and since 2007 of Arthub ( Shanghype! comes out of the fragments of the imagination from the selected artists, with whom we have been working on precise projects. Starting from the metaphorical place represented by China in its quintessence—Shanghai, a city that symbolizes the inevitable new order of the world—this program presents works that reveal different contents and sensibilities, all pushing the place of Shanghai in the imaginary. Shanghai’s aspiration and desire to again become the legendary place it once was, the need to be an international and modern China, and the power that Shanghai seeks in between local identity and globalization, are by degrees symbolized and investigated in Shanghype!   Great Era China / 2007 / 14min / ColourDirector: Zhang Ding Zhang Dings’s most recent film “Great Era” (2007) is a surrealistic Fellini-inspired voyage using Shanghai as its theatrical backdrop. The protagonist rides along staged tableaus with his bike (disguised as a horse) in scenes perfectly synchronized with the film’s sound score.Iahgnahs Onhcet China / 2009 / 5 min / ColourDirector: Speedismthe 3D animation film titled "IAHGNAHS ONHCET", which is Techno Shanghai spelled backwards, or should we say blackwards, as the doomed BLACK CELEBRATION that it might be; opposed to "the real" Shanghai, a copy of a copy of a copy, incestuous; mutating, decaying, as an urban themepark, the city of cities, the themepark of themeparks. But in this state of (architectural) being, it starts breathing again... The IAHGNAHS ONHCET story will be a fantasy come true of our Chinese adventures first depicted in the Doomdough project...A Silent StoryChina / 2005 / 13min / ColourDirector: Olivo Barbieri Olivo Barbieri (Italy 1954) first exhibited his work in 1978. Since 1989, he regularly travels to Orient, particularly, to China. In 1993, 1995, and 1997, he participated to the Venice Biennal and in other international events devoted to contemporary visual arts. In 1996, he holds a retrospective exhibit of his work at the Folkwang Museum in Essen. In 2003 start the project site specific_ (photographs and films) who involve several cities: Roma, Turin, Montreal, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Amman, Seville, New York. Barbieri’s images may be viewed in museums, collections and universities in Italy and abroad.Taian Lu China / 2008 / 13min / ColourDirector: Mathieu Borysevicz Taian lu, is a lyrical account of a pregnant woman’s journey through the city of Shanghai. The father-to-be (the artist) wanders through the city looking for his lost pregnant wife and creates a surreal portrayal of the contradictions of daily life in Shanghai.   About The Curator Davide Quadrio Davide after managing BizArt Art Centre in Shanghai the first not for profit independent creative lab in China for a decade, created in 2007 Arthub ( a platform to support artistic endeavors in Asia. Arthub is now one of the 12 worldwide network partners of Prince Claus Fund (the Netherlands) for South East Asia (2008-2010). With BizArt and its team and now with Arthub, he organized hundreds of exhibitions, educational activities and exchanges in China and abroad, developing relationships with local and foreign institutions worldwide. Quadrio has been consulting Bund18 Creative Space (2005-2008) curating shows such as Vivienne Westwood’s Exhibition together with V&A, the Droog Design exhibition tour China (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing) and the solo exhibition by Olivo Barbieri, Site-specific during the 2006 Shanghai Biennale. In the international arena he curated shows worldwide and most recently Artissima Cinema in the Museum of Cinema, Turin (2007/2008) and in Florence at Palazzo Strozzi with the show China!China!China which will tour to Sainsbury Art Center (2009). Davide organized a 5 days public art event for the Eart festival, October 2008 in heart of Shanghai, Xujiahui district. On the cultural development side Davide has been working with ASEF and international governments consulting among others Pro Helvetia, the Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands, of Ireland and UK. Davide has been often invited by Universities such as Leiden University (the Netherlands), La Sapienza (Italy) and East Anglia University (UK), Academy of Fine Arts of Seoul (Korea), just to mention few for lectures, workshops and presentation. Articles by Davide appeared in various magazines, newspapers and catalogues worldwide, such as Yishu Journal, Flash Art, Artforum etc. and several academic publication due in 2009. Visit his website: Lesben Fick Kostenlose Sex Porno Filme Gratis xxx videos XXX fickfree porn

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